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I am a professional who has worked several years, travelled around the world adding value to the business world. All those years came with learnings, achievements, glories, satisfactions, and deceptions that helped me to growth.

Today, I believe the most significant learning I got during all those years is: Human Being. I learnt that people are not only the most important asset a company has. People are more important than any company in the world!

Today, I decided to work for children because their energy and enthusiasm inspired me. They are the happiness of today and the future of our society.

Today I decided to change from adding value to the business world into adding value to the society, adding value to the people.

I am the parent of a little boy who is inspired to build, learn, and understand life while playing with his toys. He uses them as a tool to discover the world. I believe every child has the same interest, because their toys are one of the first materials to help them exploring the world.

When I discovered e² Young Engineers® programs, I knew it was exactly what my son was looking for to have fun and the type of activity I was looking for him to learn without even realizing he was learning “complex” scientific and mathematical subjects. I discovered the huge potential these programs have in pedagogical fields while being in fact a great fun activity for kids. Pleasant tools to help kids building the future of society.

I decided then to bring those fun learning activities to the children in Suisse romande. I could then start my journey adding value to the people around me and to the future society.

I hope your children can enroll to our ludic programs and discover the fun of learning with our edutainment programs.



Andrea Merchán, Director e² Young Engineers® Suisse romande


e2 Young Engineers in Depth:

Origin of our methodology:

Our edutainment method has been created by e² Young Engineers’ CEO and founder, Amir Asor.

Asor, a BA graduate in Computer Science & Economics, had learning disabilities as a child. A few years ago, after volunteering as a paramedic in emergency rooms in many hospitals, Asor started to develop the basic idea behind Young Engineers. It was based on the principle of providing personal care and attention to every individual need in a large group of patients.

As a result of this experience, Asor understood that a teacher in a class using only one method, without allowing every child to utilize their own individual learning style, has much in common with a doctor who enters a ward and declares: “Today everybody gets a flu shot!”. Obviously, each patient has their own needs, and so does every student.

Eventually, one brave business decision along with personal experiences gave Asor the privilege of creating the Young Engineers curricula, which every child can understand, enjoy, and learn from.